Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you want to pick up all the clean litter in your litterbox when all you want to remove is the waste????

How is the Litter-Lifter® different from other scoops?
The bowl of the Litter- lifter consists of triangular-shaped tines, that slides under clumps and waste, gently lifting both fragments and larger waste without picking up the clean litter.
Why do flat interlaced tines pick up clean litter.
Interlaced tines consist of thin flat strips of plastic that intersect side to side and lengthways for strength. These interlaced flat strips added together can form as high as 40% of the floor of the scoop bowl. This large combined solid surface is what causes the clogging and need to shake out clean litter over and over again.
Why does the Litter-Lifter® seem so shallow?
Regular scoops need deep baskets to accommodate all the clean litter that they pick up.The Litter-Lifter allows clean litter to stay in the litterbox where it belongs.

Why does the Litter-Lifter® seem so long?
All part of the grand design. The length of the Litter-Lifter provides ample surface areato carry waste. Also, the long tines can travel deeper and underneath the waste

which your hand is comfortably high and well above the surface of the litterbox.

How is the Litter-Lifter® able to save over 50% in Time and Effort
The Litter-Lifter is the fastest way to separate clean litter from waste because the clean litterslides down the sloping sides of the triangular tines.

The Litter-Lifter stops travelling only when and if it fills with waste, which means fewer passes

through the litterbox – usually the Litter-Lifter can run the entire length of the Litterbox without stopping

to unload clean litter.

Will it be ok for my Arthritis?
The Litter-Lifter makes light work of cleaning litterboxes. No more strain of picking up heavylitter over and over again – and shaking out clean litter.

Does the Litter-Lifter reduce dust?
The clouds of dust created by regular scoops was the motivating factor for designing a better scoop.It made no sense to repeatedly pick up the entire contents of the litterbox, likely 20 to 30 pounds of clean litter plus

the waste WHEN all we only want is the waste.

The Litter-Litter allows the clean litter to stay in the litterbox – the Litter-Lifter acts as a rake that pulls only waste and

fragments out of the box.

Your cats can enjoy a cleaner box with less work.

The floor of the Litter-Lifter consists of wide open slots that are allow clean litter to quickly pass through.

The slots are wedge-shaped and trap fragments that fall obliquely into the lower narrow portion of the slots.