Compare Scoops

Litter-Lifter® Regular Scoops



✔️  Does not pick up clean litter.
✔️ Separates and easily picks up only waste while the clean litter stays in the box
✔️ The Litter-Lifter® has a shallow bowl because the parallel, triangular tines gently lift only waste
✔️ Clean litter stays in the box.
✔️ Streamlined side-bars prevent roll-off
✔️ Rakes only waste without breaking up clumps.
✔️ Litter stays cleaner.
✔️ Scraping edge travels on floor of box.
✔️ Streamlined shape rakes quickly through entire length of box.
✔️ No stopping to empty full basket of litter
✔️ Eliminates shaking & sifting clean litter
✔️ FASTEST, EASIEST separation of litter and waste.
✔️ Quick Box Check or Quick Easy waste pick-up
✔️ 2 or 3 sweeps can clean entire box
✔️ It’s a pleasure to use.
✔️ More frequent, easier, effortless cleaning
✔️ The straight line from the handle to the scraping edge makes scraping easier and quicker.
✔️ The Litter-Lifter® scrapes without bending.
✔️ The floor of the Litter-Lifter® consists of parallel V-shaped slots that trap small fragments.



Regular Scoops


❌ Picks up mostly clean litter creating dust.
❌ Cumbersome deep bowl fills with litter even if no waste.
❌ Requires a deep bowl to hold the clean litter that accumulates on the flat surfaces of the flat tines that crisscross each other.
❌ Pushing deep bowl-shaped scoops filled with litter requires more effort and breaks up clumps creating more work for you.
❌ Litter fills basket half way through box.
❌ STOP to lift & sift/separate litter from waste (if any).
❌ Causes repeat shaking and sifting of the same litter over and over.
❌ Hard work, time consuming and scatters dust.
❌ Fragments fall through the flat slots back into the box.
❌ Cumbersome!. Slow! Wasted time/effort.
❌ Picks up all the litter in the box.
❌ Shake and sift to find the treasure, if any.
❌ Waste countless hours sifting litter.
❌ Dreaded nasty work makes cleaning a chore, therefore it is done less often.
❌ Boxes fill with waste which is repugnant to cats.
❌ Hard work picking up over 180 pounds of litter in multiple boxes daily.
❌ Dusty mess all around the litter box.
❌ Bowl shape between handle and scraping edge is cumbersome to scrape with.
❌ Flimsy, flexing scoops are difficult to scrape or dig with.